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In February 2014, the Board of the Richmond Beach Community Association (RBCA) announced the formation of Richmond Beach Advocates (RBA), a non-profit corporation created with the initial goal of tracking, monitoring, and reporting to the community on the Point Wells EIS Process.

To provide the technical expertise required to achieve this goal, Richmond Beach Advocates has retained Shallbetter Law for legal counsel and Gibson Traffic Engineers for advice on traffic issues.



Richmond Beach Advocates (RBA) once again is asking for your financial help to support RBA as we continue to follow the Transportation Corridor Study, meet with City leaders to critique assumptions and models, research legal theories and explore methods to have the voices heard of those impacted by the Point Wells development.

While utilizing as many qualified neighborhood volunteers as possible to perform the work, there are times when special expertise is necessary, and RBA must rely on its hired experts to do certain work.

To contribute:

Please make checks payable to "Richmond Beach Advocates" and mail to:
Richmond Beach Advocates
P.O. Box 60186
Richmond Beach WA 98160-0186

Or contribute by credit/debit:

All contributions will remain confidential.



Point Wells Current Happenings

Click this link for current happenings regarding Point Wells:




Check back here for new dates, and keep an eye on www.RichmondBeachWA.org/pointwells for last-minute meetings.





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